What is Worship?

Worship is one’s emotional, spiritual and practical expression of reverence, allegiance and submission to God/a god/gods, that is shaped by one’s understanding of who this God/god is.

Based on this definition, worship could have a variety of expressions. If one’s understanding of God is that he/she is a hostile entity, worship might take the form of seeking to appease this Being by various acts or rituals. If one’s view is that God is represented somewhere on this earth by a physical image, one might make a pilgrimage to this place and present offerings and make requests of such an image or representation. If one’s view is that this God/god has provided clear directions for how to express one’s allegiance, one might study those directives and seek to follow them to the letter. The stronger one’s allegiance to one’s God/god, the more intense those expressions of worship will be.

On this sight the God we speak of is God as He is revealed in the Christian Scriptures. These Scriptures are understood to be consisting of the Old and New Testaments. Christian worship then consists of one’s expressions of reverence, allegiance and submission to this God of the Bible.

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