Pointers about Stage Presentation

How should the musicians of the Praise Team present themselves on stage?

My answer is – be natural, be yourself. Do not try to imitate another musician in how you sing or play or hold your instrument. You are not there to be somebody else, but who God may YOU! God has given you your own voice. Don’t try hard to make it sound like somebody else’s voice. God has given you a unique personality. Don’t use it to try to copy someone else’s personality. Let your own personality come out in your singing and playing. The Holy Spirit wants to use you according to what God is doing in your own life, not according to what he has done in someone else’s life. So be real. Be yourself.

A word about being “yourself”. “Being yourself” does not mean being the self that you were before you became a believer. Or the self that you are when Christ is not Lord of your life. You want to be the self, that new self that God has created in Christ Jesus and that is obedient to the word of God in the power of the Holy Spirit. You want to live out the new life that God has put into you.  The Bible says that when someone is in Christ he is a new creation. It is that new life that you want to give expression to. To the glory of God.

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